Automated site payments can strengthen the partnership between sites and their CRO or sponsor partners by empowering the sites to focus on the research.

Automate Global Site Payments

eClinicalGPS streamlines and accelerates global site payments through a centralized, web-based solution that can be configured to any type of clinical trial design and budget. By using automation to manage the complex schedules, rules, and approvals of your trials, you eliminate all of the time-consuming, error-prone manual processes that can slow down site operations. In return, less time is spent on manual payment and reconciliation processes, allowing sites to focus on the research.

Gain Financial Transparency

Automation also gives added control and cash flow transparency. eClinicalGPS helps you leverage advanced analytics for greater financial insight and better decision making. Analytics include long-term predictability and budget management, budgeted costs vs. actual expenditures, accruals management and cash flow predictability and more. As the industry becomes more and more focused on transparency, reporting and compliance, clean comprehensive and real-time financial reports are more critical than ever.

Maximize Site Satisfaction and Performance

eClinicalGPS enables sites worldwide to receive monthly payments automatically, with the flexibility to be configured based on the study requirements. With consistent cash flow, investigators are able to dedicate more time to the research and less to the accounting. They can also track their transaction history through a convenient web portal, so everyone can rest assured that the right payments are being sent at the right time. Centralized financial transparency and automated reconciliation keeps sites satisfied and operating at peak performance.

Be Proactive About Financial Transparency, Security and Compliance

eClinicalGPS is an intelligent, centralized repository that helps CROs and sponsors gain visibility into all site reimbursement activity in real time. Additionally, sites can see when their reimbursements will arrive, further eliminating any back and forth or added administrative burden. eClinicalGPS also provides a comprehensive and secure audit trail of financial activity related to site payments, arming sponsors and CROs with extremely valuable data required for the increased regulatory compliance requirements and regulations, such as Open Payments and EEPIA.

eClinicalGPS improves:

  • Workflow efficiency
  • Payment accuracy
  • Financial Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Site Satisfaction

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