Mission: Control Site Payments

Optimize 7 Critical Business Functions with Payment Automation

Regain Control of Your Investigator Payments

For years, Greenphire has heard from investigative sites, Sponsors and CROs that the site payment process is much like the “wild wild west” — with little consistency, confidence or clarity for everyone involved.

Within this eBook, you will learn how eClinicalGPS introduces a measurable impact on seven critical business functions:

  1. Invoice Consistency
  2. Payment Processing
  3. Site Satisfaction and Success
  4. Financial Reporting
  5. Cash Flow Control
  6. VAT, Goods and Service
    Tax Compliance Support
  7. Reconciliation

Download the full eBook to explore the seven critical business functions.

Invoice Consistency Payment Processing Site Satisfaction and Success Financial Reporting Cash Flow Control VAT, Goods and Service Tax Compliance Support Reconciliation