Optimize your financial processes, improve your forecasting capabilities and be a trusted partner to your clinical operations team. Join Greenphire’s CFO, Sue Vestri, as she brings clarity and realistic approaches for financial automation and optimization.


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#7 Let's Talk About Site Payments

"You learn how important something is when you have a problem." In this case, site payments. In this episode of CFO, host Sue Vestri and Jeff Nelson, a VP of Program Management with years of experience in clinical operations and project management explore the pros and cons of common site payment methodologies and how each effects sponsors, CROs and most importantly, the sites.  

Past Episodes

#1 The Finance Dream Team of 2018

In the inaugural episode of Clinical Finance Optimized, we take look at the evolving role of the finance team and why now more than ever, successful teams need to pick their head up and understand the business to be accountable, decision makers and proactive, thinking beyond “ROI” ‘TCO” and KPI.

 #2 Ensuring Your Vendor Contract Process Doesn't Delay Your Business Goals (or Trial)

Sue and special guest, Rob Roshkoff, General Counsel, discuss common challenges that could be avoided in the contracting process. 

#3 When to Hire and When to Automate

Finance departments are constantly being asked to do more with less. So when you’re running at full speed, when do you hire and when do you automate? Join Sue in this week’s CFO episode to find out!

#4 Sharing Data Across Finance and Operations Systems

In this week's episode of Clinical Finance Optimized, host Sue Vestri looks at how the disconnect between an organization's different systems can affect business performance, and what benefits that sharing this data could lead to.


#5 How to Manage and Streamline Study Budgeting, Forecasting and Amendments

In this Clinical Finance Optimized episode, host Sue Vestri explores key best practices for budgeting and forecasting for the studies you are managing. She is later joined by Greenphire’s, Ana Dominguez, Contracts Financial Analyst to take a look at implementing a streamlined change order and amendment process to ensure you study stays on track and on budget.

#6 Common Financial Challenges from a Pharma’s Perspective

In this episode of Clinical Finance Optimized, host Sue Vestri is joined by Marinus Pharmaceuticals Director of Finance and Corporate Controller, Michael McNamara. Michael provides an inside look on typical challenges that arise in the finance department at a pharmaceutical company including, how he evaluates business processes and how he works with clients and vendors.

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Hosted by 

Sue Vestri, CFO at Greenphire  


CFO, mom and mentor, Sue has three decades of financial leadership experience in SaaS-based technology organizations with significant operating scale and complexity. Sue brings to the table a unique perspective on how to be a responsive, accountable and an in-demand player for your finance team.

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