ClinCard is the only patented payment technology designed to simplify patient reimbursement and enhance the overall clinical trial experience.

Remove Barriers to Patient Participation

ClinCard provides rapid reimbursement, eliminating the financial hurdles that may keep participants from completing a clinical trial. It accelerates the process by providing patients with instant access to cash via a reloadable debit card. The ClinCard portal also allows sites to send out automated alerts for appointments in each patient’s native language, keeping them engaged and on schedule throughout the study. This combination of real-time patient reimbursement and personalized patient messaging is proven to increase patient retention.

Optimize Workflow Efficiencies

ClinCard simplifies complex patient reimbursements reducing administrative frustrations and time-consuming processes.

By automating and streamlining the payment process, ClinCard eliminates administrative burdens and manual errors, further supporting a truly patient-centric clinical trial.

Gain Financial Transparency and Control 

ClinCard securely centralizes all transactions, providing access and visibility to a complete audit trail of every patient reimbursement. With a powerful web portal, sites get better data and complete financial transparency. The solution is configurable to each study’s protocol.

ClinCard improves:

  • Patient retention, engagement and satisfaction
  • Operational performance
  • Workflow efficiency

  • Payment accuracy
  • Financial transparency & control

Download the ClinCard for Sites Product Sheet

The ClinCard Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Transact Payments Limited pursuant to licence by Mastercard International. Transact Payments Limited is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.