Delivering Optimal Trial Experiences

A Controller joined a scientific research institute that focuses on discovering brain-based technologies to improve mental health in 2014 and was tasked with taking a close look at how the organization could improve its processes to be more efficient and deliver an optimal trial experience for its study participants and investigators.

An obvious challenge was the time it took to reimburse a patient for participating in its various studies. The responsibility of patient reimbursements was cumbersome, went through multiple internal channels for approvals, and consistently resulted in errors and rework, resulting in months until a patient would be paid for their visits.

Patient participation is the lifeline of a clinical trial. Drop out and turnover can not only limit the ability to conduct research, but reflects poorly on the site’s reputation for providing an optimal patient experience, potentially impacting their attractiveness to receive funding for future studies.

Taking months for participants to receive a reimbursement was a high risk factor for the institute, with a real impact around patient retention.

Taking Control with a Centralized Solution

Getting funds into the hands of participants sounds easy enough. But when this is wrapped in the complexity and sensitivity of a clinical trial, especially one involved with mental health, the research center needed a solution that has been designed specifically for clinical trial patient reimbursement. . It not only needed to put the funds into the pockets of the participants quickly and easily, but it also had to provide the team with the visibility and control needed for a better understanding of the payment timing and accuracy.

Simplifying Patient Payments with an Expert Partner

Embracing change is not always easy. What really helped the research institute make the investment a success was hands-on collaboration and expertise that the Greenphire team brought to the table.

Throughout the implementation, the Greenphire team demonstrated expertise in the needs of the site operations and how the solutions can improve their operational efficiencies and participant experience.

After the implementation was complete, the research institute saw a notable increase in patient retention and participation, validating that rapid reimbursement will keep patients engaged throughout the study.

In addition, the solution’s ability to provide visibility and access to data needed for 1099 reports was also a huge advantage to improving the site’s efficiencies and ability to reduce the time and resources the team was spending on administrative tasks.

The ClinCard solution is currently being used by more than 1,000 subjects that participate in the research institute’s studies, the powerful combination of the solution and support from the Greenphire team eliminated financial hurdles and time constraints, enabling the institute to remain focused on their participants and studies.

“We are so glad we made the decision to implement the ClinCard solution. The automated process has allowed us to focus on the most important part of our work, the participants and our research.”
- Controller from the Research Institute

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